I was born in Dorgali (Nuoro, Italy) on 9/4/1967, I live and work in Florence, Italy.

1985 Diploma in Applied Art section, "Architecture Design and Furnishings" Art Institute "G. Ciusa Romagna "in Nuoro.

Attended a few years the Faculty of Architecture in Florence but I decided to dedicate myself to the study history of art.

1997 Degree in Museology with top marks at the Faculty of History of Art and Performing Arts, University of Florence.

1997 – 2000 I attended the School of Specialization in History of Art, at the University of Florence for three years. Received my final degree with top marks cum Laude in History of Contemporary Art.

1998 I made a stage at the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato, Italy.

1999 2011 Working as a freelance artist with this museum alongside Riccardo Farinelli who was Bruno Munari’s disciple.

2000 I won the International Arts Literature Prize Sergio Polillo with the project: "Milan 1930-1940 relationships between visual arts, literature, poetry and art criticism, as seen through the work of an artist." Organized by GAMeC, Bergamo Italy, is named in memory of Sergio Polillo, manager of the Mondadori publishing and art lover who died in 1996.

2000 I made my early photos of the series "Reflections".

2001-2002 I wrote the book entitled "Milan 1930-1940: art, literature and poetry in comparison through the work of Salvatore Fancello" Lubrina Editore, Bergamo, 2002, 304pp, ISBN 8877662522 by Bibbiana Tanina Mele.

2002 I created paintings of abstract matrix series "Tests”.

2002-2003 I attended the Master "TECHNE Maintenance of Contemporary Art Works-New skills for damage prevention and care of works of contemporary art” at the Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato. Sponsored by Euridea-European Union-Ministry of Labor-Region Tuscany Province of Prato.

2003 I wrote historical criticism and biography data sheets for the volume “Artists Gardens in Tuscany”, by landscape architect Mariella Sgaravatti and photographer Mario Ciampi published by Idearte, Viareggio 2004 published in English under the title "Tuscany Artists Gardens" by Thames and Hudson, London, 2004.

2003 I wrote the essay "Salvatore Fancello and artistic culture in Milan between the two wars. The role of Domus and Casabella magazines”. In “Nivola, Fancello, Pintori. Routes of modern in applied arts and industrial design” by Roberto Cassanelli and Ornella Selvafolta published by Editoriale Jaca Book, Milano, 2003.

2007 I developed a study in photography focused on abandoned places and objects.

2008 I wrote articles for a monthly column entitled "Adventures in the garbage” published by the newspaper Outside Track, Florence Italy.

2008 I painted the series “Tangles and Tracks”.

2009 I designed and fullfilled the project “Play Slurp!” for the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci an educational focus on the work of Loris Cecchini for children aged 4 to 14 years.

2009 I have created the works on paper series “Imprinting”.

2010 I have collaborated on painting wall painting of “16:10:10 to 13:02:11), 2010 (35x4, 96 meters) by Michael Lin made for the exhibition “The colors is bright the beauty is generous” Museum Pecci, Prato Italy.

2010-2011 I am working on:

- the collage on paper series “What is pornography?”

- the collage on canvas and drawings series “Something to be built”,

- the paintings of the series “Wilderness – ravines”.


July 2008 "I love mongo" Out of the Rail Area, Florence, Italy

March - April 2009 Collective Exhibition of award "Waste in Search of Author" Palazzo Vanvitelliano of Mercato San Severino (SA) by the Association Salerno In Arte

March - April, 2009 Collective Exhibition of International Award “Italia Arte” - Villa Gualino, Turin, Italy published in the catalog.

April 2009 Collective Exhibition Riart Eco Award V International Exhibition of works made with waste, Oblate Library Florence curated by Junko Sato sponsored by Florence Municipality

April 2009 Collective Exhibition “Materia Risorta”, Studio Logos Gallery, Rome, Italy, National Competition sponsored by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, curated by MC Simotti. My work “Dalia’s History” was awarded a Honorable Mention.

May 2009 Exhibition of recycling design by “the House of Creativity” Youth Portal of the Florence Municipality

October-November 2009 Collective Exhibition Art Prize "Waste in Search of Author" Palazzo del Podestà, Rimini, Italy

March 2010 Collective Exhibition Art International Prize "Waste in Search of Author - Second Life" 2° Edition at the Urban Park Ex Salid Salerno, Italy

The same exhibition has been held in:

- Rimini - from October 29 to November 7, 2010

- Brescia from 25 28 November 2010

- Mercato San Severino - from 19th to June 26th, 2010

- Salerno - from 13 March 2009 to March 21, 2010

January - February 2011 Collective Exhibition “In busta l’arte- Art Contest L’arte viaggia lontano” Gallery Putz, Merano, Italy

September 2011 Collective Exhibition Art Prize“La Vela d’Oro”Festival WOMEN IN ART 2011 Spazioarte via Maestri del Lavoro Sesto San Giovanni (Milano) 

September 2011 Collective Exhibition  of postcard - sized artworks Siena Art Institute Via tommaso Pendola 37 - Siena Italy

Online Exhibitions

March 2010 "Boite en valise" Modern Art by Marcel Stein Seba and Fabrizio Califfi Filcommunity.com

07/03/2011 25/04/2011 Lobodilattice free Cover Contest www.lobodilattice.com

Current Projects

Venus cries” curated by Statart Milan Italy